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New taster sessions and course dates for Summer 2014!

Fit For Adventure……………Life is an adventure – are you fit for it?

• Do you want to get fitter but need some encouragement?
• Do you want to exercise but hate the idea of the gym?
• Do you want a full body workout in one?
• Do you want to get fit for the ski slopes or an adventure trek?

Yes…….then Nordic Walking and Ultimate Nordic circuits are for you!

Nordic walking is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It was originally developed as a summer training exercise for elite cross country skiers, but since the 1980s it has developed into a recreational physical activity in its own right. It has grown in popularity as an exercise option for people of all ages and abilities as it is effective, affordable and fun!

Nordic walking is a specific fitness technique that uses the whole body. Unlike trekking poles, Nordic walking poles are planted behind you to help propel you along. This activates the upper body and arms as you push through the pole. This makes you feel lighter on your feet and gives you the sensation it is easier to walk, even though you are actually working your whole body more.

Nordic walking has 4 major advantages:
• You use 90% of your major muscles so your upper body gets toned as well as your legs and backside!
• You can burn 20-40% extra calories by using the poles - this can really help with weight loss.
• It helps to take the pressure off your knees and joints
• You can get the most out of even a fairly short walk!
In order to gain the maximum benefit from Nordic Walking it is important to learn the correct technique and master the basics with an instructor to ensure you gain the most from it as an exercise option.

I’m interested…… do I get into Nordic Walking?

Fit For Adventure offer various options:
• Free 45 min taster session – have a go and experience the difference
• ‘Learn To Nordic Walk’ course – 4 part course to master the basics and ensure you gain the most from Nordic Walking.
• ‘Ski Fit’ course – 7 week fitness class to get fit and strong for the slopes!
• ‘Workout walk’ classes – 60min fitness walks including some strength exercises

Private 1:1 tuition £30 - please ask for details

What equipment/clothing do I need?
The beauty of Nordic Walking is that you don’t need sports clothing or expensive training shoes. It is important to wear shoes that are comfortable with good grip on the soles, and you should wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in.

All sessions are on Durdham Downs and start by the cafe next to the water tower.

Free Taster Sessions:
• Mon 19th January 11.00-11.45am
• Tues 20th January 9.00-9.45am 0r 9.45-10.30am
• Mon 26th January 11.00-11.45am
Tues 27th January 9.15-10am or 10.00-10.45am

Learn to Nordic Walk courses:
4 x 1 hr sessions weekly = £49
Start dates:
• Please contact for dates

Trek Fit Circuit Classses:
6 x 1 hour classes aimed at getting ready for all your active adventures, whether that is keeping up with the kids in the holidays, climbing a big mountain or completing a charity event. There is an additional 1 hour session at the start of the course to learn the basics of Nordic Walking which is used for the CV fitness aspects of the classes.
Durdham Downs - by the cafe

Start dates:
• Please contact for details

Regular Fitness Walk:
It is an advantage to have learnt the basic Nordic Walking technique to get the most out of the class.
£7 per class or £5 if you have your own nordic poles

• Mondays 9.30am - 10.30am

Please contact Charlie to book into these sessions if you are interested to ensure she has space and Nordic poles available for you.

For more information or to book a session with Fit For Adventure contact me!

Charlie McCall
Mob: 07951 787684

Visit for more information about Nordic walking.

Qualifications and Code of Practice Compliance

Personal Trainer
Outdoor Leader
Exercise Referral
Childrens Fitness
I discovered Nordic Walking after injuring myself running. I wanted something that was going to help keep me fit, make me feel like I had burnt off a good few calories, but still let me exercise outdoors. For me exercising outside in the great outdoors is so much more rewarding than being stuck in a gym, and there is something about the outdoors that is great for the mind and soul as well. As a physio I immediately realised the potential of Nordic Walking as an exercise option for all ages and fitness levels. I love walking in the countryside and am used to walking with trekking poles, but Nordic Walking is so much more!

Nordic Walking UK - the original brand and award winning leading authority on Nordic Walking across the UK.

We can help you take your first Nordic Walking steps by introducing you to your local instructor or group and recommend a range of equipment you may need.

We also offer a comprehensive instructor training scheme and solutions for community projects nationwide. We are passionate about getting more people outside and taking part in this great exercise technique.

Please feel free to browse our website for more information.

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