Leila Lake / Nordic Walking Instructor


Outdoor exercise can be much more exciting and rewarding than inside a gym or fitness centre where people watch screens and don't chat to eachother !

Surfing the web I discovered Nordic Walking, took a 'Learn to' course, then trained as a Walk Leader.I really loved the feel good factor of walking with poles, talking to others in fresh air surrounded by beautiful countryside. 18 months later I trained as an Instructor.
Everyone can benefit from Nordic walking, it is easy to learn, is affordable, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Reasons for you to start Nordic Walking :-
improves physical and mental well being
burns 30-40% more calories than an average walk
sociable and fun
lessens the impact on joints
great for stiff necks, backs, joints
improves your immune system so reduces risk of illness
increases flexibility and co-ordination;
reduces stress;
improves emotional and mental well being
can be done anywhere
isn't expensive to do regularly.

I provide a range of different types of enjoyable guided walks in the beautiful countryside in the Oxford area.

Relaxation, Fitness and Wellness walks include:
Route planning and risk assessment so you walk in safety
I am First Aid trained and always walk with a First Aid kit.
Pre-event advice on what you need to wear and bring.
Additional interest can be added with information about
the countryside, local history, wildlife, geology etc.
Join us for a Nordic walk and feel the difference poles make to your fitness and well-being

Please contact me and I will reply within 24 hours
Tel: 0770 345 9396
Facebook: follow this link............................... Walk Oxford

Qualifications and Code of Practice Compliance

Personal Trainer
Outdoor Leader
Exercise Referral
Childrens Fitness
I passionately believe in the physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercising with others in the great outdoors - whatever the time of day or weather.